Cloud Platform Prerequisites

Review system requirements and configuration steps for running ChaosSearch on AWS and GCP.

A guiding principle of the ChaosSearch design is that your data is... your data. You purchase and manage your own cloud storage buckets—whether on Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage—and load your objects to your data repository. As a born-in-the-cloud, native service, ChaosSearch works with your policies and rules to make your data easily searchable.

The topics in this section describe the prerequisites for the supported cloud platforms and the steps for configuring them for use with ChaosSearch.

Use your cloud vendor's Identity and Access Management (IAM) controls to grant the ChaosSearch service account read-only access to the buckets and objects that you want to index for searching. You also grant read-write access to a designated bucket that you own where ChaosSearch will store its generated index files.

What’s Next

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