Create a Chart

A chart is a way to visualize data that Superset queries from the dataset associated with the Refinery view. You can create charts from a number of different spots in the UI, but a common starting point is the + menu > Charts in the navigation bar, or the +Chart button on pages like the Charts page.

To create a chart:

  1. Click + > Chart in the navigation bar. The Create a new chart window opens.
  1. In the Choose a Dataset field, select a dataset from the drop-down list. Each dataset is a Refinery view that you have “added” to Superset. See Adding Datasets. If the list is empty, you have not yet added a dataset.

  2. In the Choose Chart Type field, search for and select the type of chart that you want to create. There are options for many different kinds of visualizations.

  3. Click Create New Chart. The chart editor window appears. The controls and options for the chart will vary based on your chart type selection. The sample window is for a tabular chart type.

  1. Using the controls in the left menus, specify the contents to show in the table. A sample table with a custom chart title and several selected columns follows.


GROUP BY and Superset Calculated Columns

If you create a virtual calculated column, the calculated column cannot be used as part of a GROUP BY operation in a Superset chart at this time.

  1. When you finish creating the chart and its contents, click Save in the center right column. The Save chart window opens.

  1. Specify or confirm the chart name, and if you want to add the chart to an existing dashboard, you can select the dashboard from the list.

  2. Click Save to add the new chart to the Charts page. If you also added it to a dashboard, you could click Save & Go To Dashboard to display the updated dashboard with the new chart.