Active Directory Federation Services SSO

Review for basics on ChaosSearch and ADFS SSO integration.

Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) is software developed by Microsoft to provide users with single sign-on access to systems and applications located across organizational boundaries. ChaosSearch supports single sign-on with ADFS, which means your organization can incorporate ChaosSearch into your application base and let your users securely access ChaosSearch.



Be sure to carefully check if your site uses ADFS or Azure Active Directory (AD), as many sites have migrated from the older ADFS to Azure AD. Work with your Customer Success representative during this process to ensure the correct configuration. Detailed instructions for configuring ADFS SSO support is available in

For customers who want to establish ADFS authentication for ChaosSearch, the customer administrators must provide the following information to ChaosSearch Customer Success:

  • Sign In URL
  • X.509 certificate

The customer administrators must also add ChaosSearch to their ADFS trust as described in the help topic linked above.

ChaosSearch will provide the following information to the customer administrators:

  • A post-back URL(also called Assertion Consumer Service URL) such as https://*customer**customer*-azure
  • An Entity ID (ID or the service provider) such as urn:auth0:*customer*-chaossearch:*customer*-azure