About the ChaosSearch SQL Support

Read about the ChaosSearch portal to SQL querying and visualizations using the Refinery views

The ChaosSearch SQL Analytics area is an integrated version of the Apache Superset exploration and visualization platform. Superset enables users who want to use SQL statements and queries to investigate and visualize the optimized Chaos Index® data created for their cloud storage object files.

The ChaosSearch SQL access enables read-only queries of the Chaos Refinery® views. Each view acts as a SQL table that you can query to obtain results from the index data associated with that view. Currently, the ChaosSearch SQL connection supports only SELECT statements against the ChaosSearch database.



Database Connections

The Superset implementation within ChaosSearch does not include the feature to add connections to other databases. You can query ChaosSearch indexed data using SQL statements and SQL-based visualizations.

You can use Superset's SQL Editor to run SQL queries against the Refinery views, and there are options to create charts and dashboards for visualizations of important business analysis trends.


About the Superset Connections

The ChaosSearch Superset implementation is configured with a Trino-dialect database connection to the ChaosSearch database of indexed data. ChaosSearch currently supports SQL using the Trino dialect version 352 and higher for the connection to its data.

See the Trino SQL documentation for a general reference to the Trino SQL syntax and language support. See Presto/Trino SQL API for some information about using CLIs and APIs to run queries. The following help topics in this section provide more information, restrictions, and some simple syntax examples for using the ChaosSearch SQL Analytics features.