Step 4. Visualize the Data

Use Analytics and the Kibana interface or other favorite Elastic APIs and the Refinery index views to visualize your business data and gain insights about your services.

After you create one or more index views for your ChaosSearch indexed data, use the ChaosSearch Analytics area to visualize the data with the embedded Kibana interface. Kibana has an array of features for visualizing the data in views, and for creating dashboards that enable side-by-side evaluations and correlations of activity taken from the indexed data. See Kibana for details about using the Kibana/Analytics area, displaying visualizations, and creating dashboards.

To start visualizing data in ChaosSearch:

  1. In the ChaosSearch console, click Analytics to open Kibana.
  1. Click Discover in the left menu and select a view that you created or that you have access to use.
  1. Select your view in the filter list; note that the default time range is the last 15 minutes. Your sample data files might require a different time range to show data from the indexed files.

Try some sample visualizations for your indexed data. Also check the Dashboard list to review or create multi-panel visualizations with different types of displays.

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