Step 4. Search and Visualize your Indexed Data

Use the embedded analytics interfaces to search and visualize the insights within your log and event data.

ChaosSearch includes analytics interfaces and APIs that you can use to query and visualize the indexed data created for your log and event objects.

The Search Analytics tab provides an embedded OpenSearch Dashboards interface that you can use to run Discover operations to quickly search across your indexed data, to create visualizations in various chart and dashboard formats, and to monitor for threshold conditions that trigger alerts when certain behaviors are detected.

The SQL Analytics tab provides an embedded Apache Superset interface that allows users to create SQL queries to search and analyze the indexed data. Superset also offers visualization tools that can be used to create charts and dashboards that provide summaries for important analysis of the data.

The same ChaosSearch indexed data supports analysis by either or both applications, providing significant analysis flexibility and querying options for the data analysts in your organization.


OpenSearch Dashboards (and Kibana)

Prior releases of ChaosSearch included an embedded Kibana interface. ChaosSearch Search Analytics has updated to OpenSearch Dashboards, which is derived from Kibana 7.10.2 and is very similar in operation and behavior to its Kibana origins.

Search Analytics and SQL Analytics have many features for searching within and visualizing the data in views, and for creating all-in-one dashboards that enable side-by-side evaluations of data. The following sections provide overviews of how to get started with these tools.

What’s Next

For a closer look at Search Analytics and SQL Analytics, check the Getting Started topics.

If you are an administrator or primary user, review prerequisites and recommendations for moving and storing your log and event data in cloud storage. Otherwise, proceed to the Storage topics and learn about buckets and object groups.