Alerting Overview

Use alerts to detect and trigger actions for conditions that occur in the indexed data.

Kibana alerting is a feature that allows administrators to define rules to detect important conditions in the analyzed data, and to trigger actions when those conditions are met.

You use the ChaosSearch Analytics > Alerts page to review a list of all alerts that are visible within the platform, and to manage the monitors and triggers that define new conditions to watch. This topic describes the creation of a monitor, a trigger, and a destination to send alert messages.

Create Monitor - Creating a monitor in ChaosSearch allows you to specify a particular condition or event for which you want to be alerted. You can define a monitor to watch by using an extraction query or a visual graph.

Create Trigger - To create a trigger, you specify a threshold value for the condition or field that is being monitored. If the value of the field exceeds the threshold, the monitor enters the Active state.

Create Destination - Choose between a Slack channel, AWS Chime, or you can set up a custom webhook to receive messages. If you choose a custom webhook, you must set up headers and a message body, and the plugin will POST its message to the destination URL.


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