User Accounts and Deployment Configurations

An overview of deployment homes and regions in ChaosSearch

ChaosSearch offers deployment configuration options where customer data could be contained in one ChaosSearch cluster (single home) or distributed across multiple ChaosSearch clusters (multi-cluster). The configuration of primary and subaccount users works the same in either deployment, but there are additional primary users created for the multi-cluster deployments.

Single Home – Multi Region Model

In a single home deployment configuration, the ChaosSearch platform has one cluster which includes a single home region and multiple remote regions. The home region has the index metadata generated by ChaosSearch indexing and the remote regions are set up based on S3 bucket regions where the customer data is stored.

In this configuration, there is one primary/tenant account for the single-home cluster. This configuration enables a "single pane of glass" view for administrators and analysis; users can be granted access to the home region to see resources and information managed by any and all regions of the customer configuration.

Multi Cluster – Multi Region Model

In a multi-cluster deployment configuration, the ChaosSearch platform has multiple clusters, and therefore multiple home regions and multiple remote regions. In this deployment model, each cluster has its own primary account to manage the users, configuration, and the resources within that specific home region in the cluster.

Subaccount users could be defined to access only one, several, or all of the home region clusters. Because the data at each cluster contains only the resources and index data for that specific cluster, subaccount users must authenticate to a specific cluster to visualize or query the data managed by that specific cluster.