ChaosSearch Terraform Provider for Resources

ChaosSearch offers a Terraform provider for managing resources such as object groups, views, users, and alerts.

The ChaosSearch Terraform provider enables customer DevOps and similar engineering personnel to create, manage, and clean up the objects that support a ChaosSearch® environment. The provider is a solution that enables continuous integration testing, product QA testing, as well as some configuration automation and management tasks.

The ChaosSearch Terraform provider includes support for managing the following resources:

  • Indexing controls – to start, stop, re-start indexing of files
  • Object groups – to define categories of cloud storage objects to index
  • Refinery® views – to define searchable and queryable "windows" into the indexed data for analysis
  • Subaccounts – to define users who can access some or all of the ChaosSearch system and services
  • RBAC user groups – to define user access permissions for data, resources, and capabilities
  • Search Analytics monitors and destinations to configure alerts for conditions or behaviors in the indexed data

The following topics describe the resource APIs, and provide general instructions and practices for using the Terraform provider.


You should be familiar with the concepts of the ChaosSearch solution and experienced with using Terraform, managing workspaces, and its general best practices. Before you begin, your ChaosSearch user deployment must be provisioned, deployed, and working normally.

For more information about the Terraform providers, see the available online documentation from HashiCorp Terraform at

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