ChaosSearch can temporarily increase allocated compute to support times with heavier workloads.

ChaosSearch works with each customer to configure the compute resources needed to support the typical or expected workload for searches, visualizations, as well as indexing. Under normal conditions, typical searches and ingest/indexing work should complete in their usual time ranges. When the system becomes very busy with higher-than-normal concurrent queries or activity, searches and ingest could require more time to complete due to the higher volume.

The burst policy allows you to add more compute resources when workloads grow above the expected levels. Burst policies are optional configuration policies that can be defined for deployments with the ChaosSearch Customer Success team. The policies are tunable and specify how much extra compute to allocate, and for how long, before returning to the "normal" compute levels.

The Burst button is an option on the Console UI that can be granted to users to trigger the allocation of the burst compute. Burst remains in effect for a limited time (configurable for the site, but usually 30 minutes to 1 hour), before the extra compute resources are released and operations return to the normal compute allocation.

Burst Execution

If you have permission to use the Burst button, it is located in the lower left corner of the console window. When idle, the button appears with two arrows, as shown in the following screen.

A message to the right of the Burst button indicates how many compute resources are currently active. The number will vary for each customer based on their configuration policy.

If you click Burst, the button changes to a spinning icon to show that the extra compute resources are being activated. Depending on the number of burst workers being allocated, it can take a few minutes for them to become available. The message updates to show the time remaining for the new compute workers to be available, and the number of resources that are pending and the new total that will be registered. The Details link shows more information about the region(s) where the workers are located.

Burst Completion

When the Burst allocation is fully available, the spinning circle changes to a check mark. The message updates to show the time remaining for the extra compute capacity, and the timer updates as it counts down to 0.

When the timer ends, the extra compute workers are released and the Burst button changes back to the two arrows indicating that Burst is available again if needed.


Important Notes

If you click the Burst button while burst workers are already activated, the system resets the timer for keeping the burst compute workers available. For example, if burst workers have a 60-minute timer, and you click Burst when the timer is down to 20 minutes, you reset the timer back to 60 minutes. Clicking Burst repeatedly does not activate more workers.