ChaosSearch provides the ability to Burst outside of the allocated compute when running any search and queries.

ChaosSearch uses a site-specific set of compute resources to perform the work to run your searches and queries, as well as for indexing. In most cases, queries can complete with the available compute resources. If the system becomes very busy with many concurrent queries or activity, queries can take longer than expected to complete.

The Burst button is an option that can be granted to some users for their ChaosSearch console. Clicking Burst causes the system to allocate, or spin-up, more than the allotted number of compute resources to help during busier times. Burst remains in effect for a limited time (configurable for the site, but usually 30 minutes to 1 hour), then the extra resources are released.

Burst Execution

If you have permission to see and use Burst, the button is in the lower left corner of the console window. When idle, the button appears with two arrows as in the following screen.


A message to the right of the Burst button indicates how many compute resources are available.

If you click Burst, the button changes to a spinning icon to show that the compute resources are being activated. The message updates to show the time remaining for the burst window, and the resources that are pending and registered.


Burst Completion

After the Burst allocation is complete, the spinning circle changes to a check mark. The extra compute resources are ready for use. The message shows the time remaining. The timer will update as it counts down to 0.


When the timer ends, the extra resources are released and the Burst button changes back to the arrows showing that Burst can be activated again if needed.


If the Burst button is clicked after completion, the system resets to a new start time for deallocation (that is, 1 hour since the last execution).

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