RBAC - Create Subaccount API

Use the ChaosSearch API to manage users (sub-accounts) for your organization.

The ChaosSearch API endpoint /user/createSubAccount creates and updates sub-accounts for the ChaosSearch platform.

Create Sub-account

This example shows how to create a sub-account (user) that can be granted access to the ChaosSearch system. If successful, the endpoint returns the UID for the new sub-account. The UID is the identifier of the sub-account.

Endpoint: /user/createSubAccount
Method: POST
Example JSON body: Defines a new sub-account.

  "GroupIds": [
  "Hocon": [
  "Password": "test",
  "UserInfoBlock": {
    "Email": "[email protected]",
    "FullName": "Kibana User",
    "Username": "KibanaUser"

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