RBAC - Create Subaccount API

Use the ChaosSearch API to manage users (subaccounts) for your organization.

The ChaosSearch API endpoint /user/createSubAccount creates and updates subaccounts for the ChaosSearch platform.

Create Subaccount

This example shows how to create a subaccount (user) that can be granted access to the ChaosSearch system. If successful, the endpoint returns the UID for the new subaccount. The UID is the identifier of the subaccount.

Endpoint: /user/createSubAccount
Method: POST
Example JSON body: Defines a new subaccount.

  "GroupIds": [
  "Hocon": [
  "Password": "test",
  "UserInfoBlock": {
    "Email": "[email protected]",
    "FullName": "Kibana User",
    "Username": "KibanaUser"