About Query Statistics

Detailed query statistics is a feature that can capture more information about system and query performance.

While the System Dashboard provides a high-level view into end-user activity, some sites might require more information about the operational behaviors for the system. The query statistics feature offers more visibility into how an organization is leveraging the ChaosSearch platform.

Query statistics gathers more data for the system and query performance, and can help to answer important questions such as:

  • Who runs the most queries?
  • When are queries most frequently being sent?
  • Which Refinery views are queried frequently and by whom?
  • How are elastic queries being constructed to see if they could be improved?
  • What is the performance of those queries and what factors contribute to the work?

Ingest and Audit Statistics

In addition to query statistics, ChaosSearch also has reporting for ingestion or audit statistics. Customers typically work with ChaosSearch to identify the information that would be helpful in these areas, and to enable the features and reporting displays.

  • Audit stats can provide information about successful/failed logins, logouts, as well as subaccount users and status, ChaosSearch user groups, and object create/update/delete summaries.
  • Ingest stats can help to highlight information about the volume of data indexed by ChaosSearch.

If you are interested in setting up ingest or audit stats reporting, contact your ChaosSearch Customer Success representative.