Pagerduty Integration

What does ChaosSearch offer PagerDuty users?

ChaosSearch has a one-directional integration with PagerDuty. It's easy to configure alerts to go right into your PagerDuty account to start notifying the right engineers.

Add a Custom Webhook Integration in ChaosSearch, and start taking advantage of PagerDuty's alert and event management platform with the ChaosSearch alert notification system.

Functionality of the inetegration

When an alert is triggered in ChaosSearch, an alert is created in PagerDuty automatically through the integration.

Configuring the integration

In PagerDuty add an API integration to a service or utilize on that has already been created for ChaosSearch

  • You'll need to have PagerDuty account
  • Navigate to Services and select Integrations
  • Add API integration or copy the current one that is available

In ChaosSearch

  • Navigate to Alerts in the Analytics section
  • Click Destinations and Add Destination
  • Give the destination a name and change Type to Custom Webhook
  • Check Define endpoint by custom attributes URL
  • Type should be defined as HTTPS
  • Host will be *
  • Port will be 443
  • Path will be *v2/enqueue
  • At the bottom in the Header Information click add header and add the Key X-Routing-Key and the value will be the integration key from your PagerDuty service
  • Click Create

Create Monitor

To create a monitor in ChaosSearch, please follow these instructions

Once you completed the Monitor creation, you will then need to define the trigger.


Configure Actions section

In the final step of creating a trigger, the Message payload should be configured as seen below.

{"event_action":"trigger", "payload":{"summary":"thing","severity":"critical","source":"CS"}}

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Pagerduty Integration

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