Summary of JSON Flex Options

Review a matrix of the expansion and flatten depth options.

Object Group Setting

Index View Setting




N/A Standard index view setup applies

More granularity in analysis and reporting.

Largest storage requirements for indexed data.


JSON Array Transformation to virtually vertically expand one or more attributes.

Horizontal records offer string search-only granularity for analysis.

Vertically transformed fields offer full vertical expansion features.

Generally yields lowest indexed data storage requirements for the more complex JSON structured files.

Horizontal attributes cannot be used for aggregate analysis.

Horizontal with vertical whitelist

Hybrid of horizontal expansion for all columns except those referenced in the vertical expansion schema filter whitelist.

Can still use JSON Array Transformation for other horizontal arrays found in the indexed data.
Selected vertical expansions offer the analysis gains.

Horizontal attributes offer a storage gain, but a vertical storage can sometimes be more efficient for very complex arrays that flatten horizontally to millions of columns.

Horizontal attributes cannot be used for aggregate analysis.

Increased storage needs for the vertical expanded whitelist attributes.

Horizontal or vertical expansion with Array Flatten Depth other than Unlimited.

No vertical expansion, either via vertical indexing or the JSON array transformation, for any nested levels below the specified depth level.

None specifies that all nested levels are indexed as native JSON format.

For some analytics, basic string matches within the JSON content is sufficient.

No filtering or visualization operations are possible.

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