Converse With Data Using Chaos AI Assistant

Use the power of AI to explore ChaosSearch indexed data for analytics insights

The Early Access Chaos AI Assistant is a natural-language interface that uses Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT from OpenAI and the Amazon Bedrock foundation model of Anthropic Claude 2 to create a conversational portal between users and the Chaos Index data. Chaos AI Assistant helps users of all technical experience interact with their data in an entirely new way.

With a seamless integration to the ChaosSearch platform, users can converse with their data through a chat-style interface to drive analytics and results via the embedded Search Analytics (OpenSearch Dashboards) and SQL Analytics (Apache Superset) interfaces.

Backed with the knowledge and learning of leading foundation models of AI, Chaos AI Assistant can provide helpful technical background, analysis insights, and can also transform human questions into actionable SQL queries or Discover/Elastic searches that ChaosSearch can run to deliver deterministic results.

As with all ChaosSearch features, Chaos AI Assistant adheres to our core principles—cost-effective operations, high performance for data at scale, and privacy for your information. A Chaos AI Assistant conversation begins with a selection of one or more Refinery views, where only the schema is used to set the context for the questions that follow. The data contained within the Chaos Index is never shared with the LLM, and all queries and searches are executed in ChaosSearch to protect the information.


Flexible LLM Integration

The Early-Access Chaos AI Assistant can be extended to use other LLM APIs. If you are interested in support for a specific LLM, please contact us.

What’s Next

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