Storage - Object Groups Overview

Storage is the entry point for creating the object groups to filter and index your cloud storage files.

In the ChaosSearch design, an object group is a virtual folder or bucket of object files. Object groups are an important part of the ChaosSearch configuration, because they define and organize specific objects that your users want to analyze.

The result of an object group is the creation of Chaos Index data—the highly compressed, lossless, full representation of these objects, supporting multi-model query access (i.e., Search, SQL, and GenAI). It is the first of two resources (the other being views) that make up the Chaos LakeDB ingestion pipeline.

In the ChaosSearch console, the Storage tab is the location for creating and managing your object groups and indexing. Use Storage to review your cloud storage buckets and their contents, and to define object groups to filter and index those object files. You can also manage object groups using the ChaosSearch API and the ChaosSearch Terraform Provider as alternate methods.

Review these topics to learn more about creating object groups and the options for data filtering and field selection, managing the indexing options, and setting up Live Indexing to automatically index new objects as they are pushed to your storage buckets.

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