Use annotations to add notes and information as context to a Superset chart.

Annotations help to remind the chart consumer about important details about the data, or to explain changes in chart appearance or details that might be relevant for the analysis.

To create annotations, you:

  1. Define an annotation layer.

  2. Define one or more annotation records within the layer.

  3. Define the content for the annotation, including its name, date to associate with the annotation, a description, and optionally some JSON metadata.

  4. Save the annotation, and add more if needed.

After you define the annotation layer and annotations, navigate to the chart in which you want to apply the annotation, and add the annotation using the Annotations and Layers section of the chart definition. You can create each chart layer and reference the layer that you created previously, and specify its desired appearance in terms of format, color, opacity, and line width.

A sample image of an annotation on a chart follows. The annotation is the green vertical line.