Single Sign-On

ChaosSearch provides users with a straightforward integration to common SSO services.

ChaosSearch SSO

ChaosSearch offers integrations with several providers for single sign-on (SSO) solutions. You can configure authentication of your user accounts through your identity provider to ChaosSearch.

Benefits of Single Sign-On?

Using an SSO solution offers the following benefits:

Reduced password fatigue: Remembering one less password. Users of your organization who are granted access to ChaosSearch do not need to create and remember another password for ChaosSearch to log in and use our features.

Easily manage user access: Administrators can grant/prohibit access to ChaosSearch for their users via the console of the organization's identity provider without having to log in to ChaosSearch. Administrators have less application overhead for managing users and easier overall access control management for changes.

Improved security: Your identity provider manages and sends authentication assertions when users are authenticating to ChaosSearch, instead of passwords that are created by users.

To configure SSO support for ChaosSearch:

Contact [email protected] to plan and implement the SSO integration for your site.

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