Single Sign-On

ChaosSearch provides Users with a straight forward SSI

ChaosSearch SSO

ChaosSearch offers several providers for Single Sign-On solution in which you can control authentication of the hosted accounts on your identity provider to ChaosSearch.

What are the benefits of Single Sign-On?

Using a Single Sign-On solution:

Reduce password fatigue: You have to remember one less password. Users of your organization who are granted access to ChaosSearch do not need to set or a use password on ChaosSearch to login and use our features.

Easily manage user access: You can grant/prohibit access to ChaosSearch for your users using the console of your identity provider without having to login CHAOSSEARCH. Administrator's ability to manage users and their configurations are improved.

Improve security: Assertions that are generated by your identity provider are used while you are authenticating to ChaosSearch instead of passwords that are created by users.

To configure Single Sign-On for ChaosSearch:

You must have a ChaosSeach account. You can, of course, use and test our SSO solution as you like during the 7-day Trial period.

For details, see our Pricing Page.

You must have an account with an identity provider. If you still do not have a ChaosSearch account, please sign up.

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Single Sign-On

ChaosSearch provides Users with a straight forward SSI

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