System Dashboard

Use the System Dashboard to review high-level usage metrics and insights on performance.

The System Dashboard provides administrators with a closer view of the user-level activity of the ChaosSearch system. The page shows information about the indexing (total bytes, total indexes), queries (user and duration), index events reported for the system, and the trends for how those activities have changed over time.


The System Dashboard offers metrics about how an organization is using the ChaosSearch platform with the following charts:

Total Indexed Bytes
The total size of the indexed data for all object groups

Total Indexes
Number of object groups created

Total Queries
Number of queries executed by all users (This number is capped at 99 queries)

Average Query Duration
The average time it takes to resolve a query; that is, the time it takes a search to complete

List of all the object groups that have been created, their size, and last index time

List of all queries successfully executed, by which user, and the duration of that query

Index Events
List of system-generated events reported when the underlying data has no structure or structure cannot be created

Indexed Bytes Over Time (line chart)
The total size of the indexed data for all object groups for the last 90 days

Index Events Over Time (line chart)
The trend of the total events reported over the last 30 days