Edit Dashboard or Chart Properties

Change titles, access, and related info for SQL Analytics visuals

Use the Edit Properties feature to change information for a defined chart or dashboard. For example, you could change:

  • Title (dashboard) or Name (chart): Change the name that appears in the UI for the dashboard or chart.
  • Description: Specify text including Markdown syntax for a chart's widget header when included in a dashboard.
  • Colors: Select an alternative color palette for a dashboard.
  • Certification: Specify optional names and text for optional certification details that you want to include about the chart or dashboard.
  • Cache timeout: For a chart, specify the time in seconds for the data caching timeout. The default is the cache timeout specified for the dataset.
  • JSON Metadata: For a dashboard, power users who want to alter specific parameters can click Advanced, the JSON Metadata.

The Edit Properties feature is available on the Action menu of the Charts and Dashboards pages, or as right navigation bar menus available when you are viewing a chart or dashboard.