Chaos AI Assistant Benefits

With Chaos AI Assistant, leverage the power and flexibility of AI to ask questions and quickly get answers.

Chaos AI Assistant is like an on-call data analytics and information expert—available 24x7—to answer your questions. Use Chaos AI Assistant as a guide through the information contained within the ChaosSearch index of the log and event data for your applications, services, and user activity.

Chaos AI Assistant can help you to:

  • Learn about your data, its schema, and the nature of its contents.
  • Ask questions and let Chaos AI Assistant create the Discover searches or SQL queries to answer those questions without requiring expertise in either query language. It’s like having an Elastic/SQL expert always available to help you find answers using the ChaosSearch data.
  • Run the Discover searches and SQL queries to get answers to your business questions. Use those searches and queries as a starting point from which you can further explore your data, narrow results, and fine-tune the information that you retrieve. Troubleshoot, find security threats, and learn about usage and behavior faster.
  • Quickly grow your expertise in business applications and services, learn more about what those services do, and how that information helps you improve operations.

With Chaos AI Assistant, you can speed the time-to-value and time-to-insight as you learn more about the contents of your data and how it can help you. Type your questions in natural language, and let Chaos AI Assistant create the queries for you—and run them—to quickly surface the answers. Empower your users and democratize access to data across your domain experts without requiring expertise in a query language, so that you can increase the cycle time of your organization.

ChaosSearch’s integration with the LLM API only seeds the model with metadata (view names and field names) to provide context to the model so it can deliver value to users from the moment they start using it. All queries on the data are run by ChaosSearch within ChaosSearch.

Leverage Chaos AI Assistant to form your questions and then run those queries on your performant and cost-effective ChaosSearch Platform to gain deterministic answers from your data, without any data leaving your cloud storage.

What’s Next

Learn about conversations and how to ask questions in Chaos AI Assistant for best results