Integrations Overview

ChaosSearch supports alert forwarding and access to its rich indexed data as a strong analytics partner in your observability suite.

The ChaosSearch design and flexibility enables support for integrations with other applications and tools. These integrations provide powerful support for forwarding ChaosSearch-managed alerts for inclusion with other incident-management tools, or for leveraging the Chaos Index data and powerful search features when troubleshooting and investigating conditions flagged by your observability tools.

For example, when using tools such as Grafana and Prometheus for metrics monitoring, embedded data links within Grafana make it easy to access the powerful search features and the wealth of indexed data within ChaosSearch. You can drill-down to run an OpenSearch Dashboards Discover search with wildcards and other filtering features, or SQL Analytics queries, to investigate root causes and find contributing events. With the ChaosSearch advantages for cost-effective indexing and compact storage of historical data, you can easily draw upon your indexed data for near term or historical analysis of conditions or contributing events.

ChaosSearch is built to be compliant with the Elasticsearch/OpenSearch API. An application that offers an Elastic API compliant connector will work with ChaosSearch’s engine.

For applications that use other types of connectors, the ChaosSearch multi-model indexed data design is flexible and can extend to support other, non-Elastic, integrations.

The following topics describe some tested integrations and offer setup and general recommendations.