Refinery Overview

Use the ChaosSearch Refinery to create views to prepare and virtually transform your index data for analytics.

The ChaosSearch Refinery is a major component of the ChaosSearch service. It provides a variety of capabilities unique to the ChaosSearch platform and a streamlined approach to easily transforming your data for analytics.

  • The Refinery offers a collection of tools for cleaning, preparing, filtering, and transforming data so that users can interact with their indexed data, without the need for programming or code.
  • Views offer powerful schema-on-read controls to materialize and transform fields within the indexed data to the columns that users need for analysis and visualizations.
  • Using the highly flexible and lossless Chaos Index data, not the raw object storage files, views are a powerful and streamlined analysis vehicle to quickly gain insights from log and event data at scale.
  • The same indexed data and views can be used for analysis by tools such as OpenSearch Dashboards, Superset, and others.

The following topics describe the view features, how to create views, and how to use the powerful transformation tools to tap into the indexed data that drives the analytics.