Refinery Overview

Use the ChaosSearch Refinery to create views that prepare and virtually transform your index data for analytics.

Views, also called the Data Refinery, are a virtual lens into the ChaosSearch indexed data for one or more object groups.

Views are the ChaosSearch resource companion to object groups: where object groups define the source cloud storage data to index and how to index it, views specify which of the indexed data a user wants to analyze and how to apply or virtually transform that data for analysis.

Views are the ChaosSearch equivalent to Elastic index patterns, SQL tables or views, datasets, or similar resources. Views can be used with different analytic tools as well as APIs. Using views, you can:

  • Select the indexed data to access and query from one or more object groups.
  • Narrow the indexed data to analyze to specific daily intervals.
  • Use the view filtering and transformation features to virtually prepare the indexed data schema for analysis.

Views also have additional features such as Role-based Access Control. The same indexed data can be transformed differently in separate views, for use by different users, all without changing the indexed data.

The following topics describe the view features, how to create views, and how to use the powerful transformation tools to tap into the indexed data that drives the analytics.