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Know Better®. Now you can, while realizing the potential of data lake analytics at scale, insightful product-led growth, and agile BI.

Since the beginning, ChaosSearch® has focused on the challenges of data analysis at scale. Our mission is to build and deliver a high-performing, cost-efficient, multi-modal, data analytics solution that thrives in the cloud ecosphere. Achieving this goal required innovative rethinking within the areas of data representation, ingestion, flexible access, and all the factors that drive performance in the cloud.

Chaos LakeDB® is the third-generation database born from these efforts—a solution that achieves enterprise-level data analytics at scale, flexible multi-model analytics, and leading price-performance value compared to other solutions.

This knowledge center describes the features and capabilities of the ChaosSearch platform and Chaos LakeDB. Explore the core concepts and review more detailed information about how to start using ChaosSearch.

Watch our introductory video to learn how ChaosSearch unlocks cloud object storage to create a secure, durable, and cost-effective analytics data lake.

What’s Next

Read the Quick Start topics for an overview of how easy it is to get started with ChaosSearch.