OpenSearch Dashboards Advanced Settings

Use OpenSearch Dashboards configuration settings to control some behaviors and actions in the Search Analytics pages.

The Search Analytics > Configuration > Advanced Settings page includes many settings and options for the OpenSearch Dashboards pages. If your account has permission to change settings for the OpenSearch Dashboards behavior in your user environment, you can perform that update using this page and then save the changes to put the setting into effect.

One of the common settings to adjust is the Discover setting Number of rows, which controls the number of rows to show in the Discover results list below the histogram. The default is 500 rows.

If your changes do not take effect, and the value changes back to its prior value, the common reason is that your account does not have permission to change these settings. Contact your ChaosSearch administrator if you want to change the OpenSearch Dashboards operational behaviors in your session.



Use care when using the Advanced Settings. Changes to the settings could have unintended impacts to the OpenSearch Dashboards behavior, and could in some cases break OpenSearch Dashboards behavior. Some of these settings might be undocumented, unsupported, or experimental. If a field has a default value, erasing the field will reset it to its default, which might be a problem given other configuration settings. Deleting a custom setting permanently removes that setting from the OpenSearch Dashboards config.

Some of the configuration settings include options for specifying the format of date and time values, options for visual animation effects, and other controls. Review the settings carefully to ensure that the resulting behavior is desired before making changes to production environment accounts.