Supported RBAC Actions Reference

A reference list of the Actions for RBAC configuration

The following table lists and describes the set of available Actions values for the RBAC controls.

*All actions
s3:*Ability to access cloud object storage if granted permissions in the IAM Policy and API calls to the Chaos Index®
s3:aws:*Ability to access cloud object storage if given permissions in the IAM Policy
s3:aws:CreateBucketAbility to create a new S3 bucket
s3:aws:ListBucketsAbility to list the S3 buckets
s3:aws:ListBucketAbility to list contents of an S3 bucket
s3:aws:DeleteBucketAbility to delete an S3 bucket
s3:aws:GetBucketPolicyAbility to display the policy of a bucket
s3:aws:GetBucketLocationAbility to display the region a bucket is in
s3:aws:GetBucketTaggingAbility to display the tag set associated with a bucket
s3:aws:CopyObjectAbility to copy an object already stored in S3
s3:aws:PutObjectAbility to add an object to a bucket
s3:aws:PutObjectTaggingAbility to supply the tag set for an object in a bucket
s3:aws:GetObjectAbility to retrieve objects from S3
s3:aws:GetObjectAclAbility to retrieve the ACL for an object in S3
s3:aws:GetObjectTaggingAbility to return the tag set of an object
s3:aws:DeleteObjectAbility to remove an object from a bucket
s3:aws:RenameObjectAbility to rename an object in a bucket
s3:chaos:*Ability to access the ChaosSearch Admin API
s3:chaos:import_bucketAbility to import a cloud-storage bucket in the Storage tab of the console
s3:chaos:native_group:createAbility to create real-time object groups
s3:chaos:object_group:createAbility to create ChaosSearch object groups
s3:chaos:object_group:updateAbility to update ChaosSearch object groups
s3:chaos:partition_keysAbility to define and manage object group isolation keys
s3:chaos:view:createAbility to create ChaosSearch views
s3:chaos:view:updateAbility to update ChaosSearch views
elastic:*Ability to access the Elasticsearch API
elastic:opendistro:*Ability to access the Elasticsearch API
elastic-opendistro:*Ability to access the Elasticsearch API
chaos:*Ability to access all replica, query, and theme settings
chaos:replica:*Ability to access all replica information (that is, compute allocation), initiate burst operations, and see the compute status
chaos:replica:burstAbility to use burst (displays the Burst button on the console)
chaos:replica:statusAbility to see how many compute resources are allocated
chaos:query:*Full access to query permissions
chaos:query:statusAbility to access the Query progress bar
chaos:query:cancelAbility to cancel a query (displays the Cancel button on the console)
chaos:rolearn:validateAbility to test the supplied role ARN for the user in the UI
chaos:theme:userAbility to change the color scheme of the ChaosSearch UI
chaos:user:apikeysAbility to view/change/use the API Access keys
chaos:user:credentialsAbility to view/change/modify the role ARN for the user
chaos:query:export:submitAbility to submit Bulk Export queries
chaos:query:export:statusAbility to display Bulk Export status information
chaos:query:export:listAbility to list the Bulk Export jobs
chaos:query:export:cancelAbility to cancel a Bulk Export job
kibana:*Full access to Search Analytics (formerly Kibana) permissions
kibana:saved-objects:*Ability to manage all aspects of Search Analytics saved objects
kibana:saved-objects:readAbility to view Search Analytics saved objects
kibana:saved-objects:createAbility to create Search Analytics saved objects
kibana:saved-objects:updateAbility to update Search Analytics saved objects
kibana:saved-objects:deleteAbility to delete Search Analytics saved objects
kibana:queryAbility to use Search Analytics Discover
kibana-management:*Ability to manage Search Analytics objects
kibana-management:import:*Ability to import Search Analytics objects
kibana-management:export:*Ability to export Search Analytics objects
kibana-settings:readAbility to access Visualizations and Dashboards on the Search Analytics page
kibana-settings:writeAbility to create Visualizations and Dashboards on the Search Analytics page
kibana-opendistro:*Ability to create Alerts on the Search Analytics page
kibana-opendistro:alertingAbility to manage Search Analytics alerts
kibana-opendistro:alerting:*All Search Analytics alerting permissions
kibana-opendistro:alerting:indicesAbility to see Search Analytics alert history
kibana-opendistro:alerting:settingsAbility to manage settings for Search Analytics alerts
kibana-opendistro:alerting:alerts:*Ability to manage Search Analytics alerts
kibana-opendistro:alerting:alerts:readAbility to view Search Analytics alerts
kibana-opendistro:alerting:alerts:updateAbility to update Search Analytics alerts
kibana-opendistro:alerting:destinations:*Ability to manage Search Analytics destinations
kibana-opendistro:alerting:destinations:createAbility to create Search Analytics destinations
kibana-opendistro:alerting:destinations:readAbility to see/view Search Analytics destinations
kibana-opendistro:alerting:destinations:updateAbility to update Search Analytics destinations
kibana-opendistro:alerting:destinations:deleteAbility to delete Search Analytics destinations
kibana-opendistro:alerting:monitors:*Ability to manage Search Analytics monitors
kibana-opendistro:alerting:monitors:executeAbility to test/enable Search Analytics monitors
kibana-opendistro:alerting:monitors:createAbility to create Search Analytics monitors
kibana-opendistro:alerting:monitors:readAbility to see/view Search Analytics monitors
kibana-opendistro:alerting:monitors:updateAbility to update Search Analytics monitors
kibana-opendistro:alerting:monitors:deleteAbility to delete Search Analytics monitors
super:*Ability to use SQL Analytics and the Apache Superset features
ui:*Ability to access to all tabs of the ChaosSearch UI
ui:storageAbility to access Storage in the console
ui:refineryAbility to access Views in the console
ui:analyticsAbility to access Search Analytics in the console
ui:sqlAbility to access SQL Analytics in the console
ui:gaiAbility to access Chaos Assistant in the console
ui:dashboardAbility to access System Dashboard in the console
ui:exportAbility to access the Bulk Export page in the console
gai:*Ability to use Chaos Assistant and the generative AI console