Modifying the Group Bucket and Prefix Settings

Sample templates for policy definitions

Within the RBAC policy definitions, there are references and placeholder strings for buckets, object groups, indexes, views, and OpenSearch Dashboards (Kibana) saved objects to which the group users will have access. Customer administrators should update the references for the correct values that they have planned for their environment and group setup. In the accompanying templates, you can search for the terms bucketchangeme and prefixchangeme. The following table lists the references and the context where it is defined.

Buckets in Conditions"s3:bucket/": "bucketchangeme"
Buckets in Resources"arn:aws:s3:::desired-bucket-name"
Object Groups in Conditions"chaos:object_group/": "prefixchangeme-"
Object Groups in Resources"crn:object_group:::prefixchangeme-*"
Views in Conditions"chaos:view/": "prefixchangeme-"
Views in Resources"chaos:index/": "_prefixchangeme-"
Indexes in Conditions"chaos:index/": "_prefixchangeme-"
Monitors in Resources"crn:monitor:::prefixchangeme-*",
Alerts in Resources"crn:alert:::prefixchangeme-*",
Destinations in Resources"crn:destination:::prefixchangeme-*",
Kibana Saved Objects In Conditions"chaos:document/attributes.title": "prefixchangeme"