JSON Flex Advantage

Read about the JSON Flex approach to indexing nested JSON files.

JSON Flex leverages the advantages of the Chaos Index® technology to uniquely represent the dimensionality of JSON horizontally versus vertical expanding rows on ingestion. ChaosSearch discovery and object grouping features give administrators more insight and control over how to flatten their JSON files (post indexing), and virtual data transformation within the Chaos Refinery® can help to minimize or avoid the time lost to re-pipelining, re-indexing, or overall schema management.

  • First, when you create an object group to focus on the JSON files that you want to index, you can specify whether to use horizontal or vertical expansion to balance the data visibility and storage/compute needs. See JSON Log Flattening Example for a general example of horizontal and vertical expansion effects.
  • Second, when you create index views in the Chaos Refinery, views for an object group that uses horizontal expansion (for storage efficiency) can take advantage of the JSON Array Transformation feature to virtually expand columns in a vertical way to take advantage of the attributes and values for operational analysis on a per-view basis.

JSON Flex puts more controls and options into the hands of the administrators: ChaosSearch administrators who create the object groups and manage storage and compute resources, and the data analysts who create and refine index views to empower operational and business results.


Another Look at JSON Flex

For a closer look at how a simple nested JSON file can quickly inflate with expansion operations, see the ChaosSearch blog: The New Best Way to Index and Query JSON Logs.

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