chaossearch_sub_account Resource

Use Terraform to add a subaccount user to a ChaosSearch cluster

The chaossearch_sub_account resource creates or updates a ChaosSearch-managed subaccount for a cluster. The resource takes user name information, a password, and optionally a HOCON of configuration override settings that are typically used only by ChaosSearch Engineering users. See Managing Users for more information, or the Create or update a subaccount for a given user context endpoint documentation.

Example Usage

The structure of the chaossearch_sub_account resource follows:

resource "chaossearch_sub_account" "sub-account" {  
  username = ""  
  full_name = ""  
  password = ""  
  hocon = ["override.Services.worker.quota=50"]  

Argument Reference

usernameYesThe user name for the subaccount. This value is also used for the Email account for the user.
passwordYesThe password for the subaccount
full_nameYesA longer/full name for the subaccount
group_idsNoA list of group IDs to associate with the subaccount to specify access permissions
hoconNoA list of configuration override settings. This field is typically used by ChaosSearch. Consult with your account representative before using this field.

Attribute Reference

hocon_jsonJSONThe HOCON configuration file for the subaccount in JSON format