Superset Menus and Pages

When you click the SQL Analytics tab on the ChaosSearch menu bar, the Superset Home page appears.


Overview of the main UI sections:

1The Superset menu area provides tabs to access the Dashboards, Charts, SQL Lab, and Data pages.
2The + menu provides shortcuts to creating new dashboards, charts, SQL queries, and for uploading data to the database.

NOTE: Uploading data is not currently supported.
3The Settings menu provides access to options like Annotation Layers, CSS Templates, and Import Dashboards, as well as links to display more information about the version of Superset in use.

You can use the Home page to quickly review and navigate to recently used dashboards, charts, or saved queries.

  • The Recents list includes tabbed options to show the Viewed, Edited, and Created components associated with your user account.

  • The Dashboards and Charts lists include tabbed options for listing defined components marked as Favorite, Mine (created by you), and Examples.

  • The Saved queries list shows the queries saved by your user account, when they were last run, as well as links to run (or save) a new SQL query and to display all SQL queries that you can use.



The CSS Templates option is for customizing the appearance of a dashboard using CSS stylesheets to specify a custom logo, font, and color scheme. This option is currently not supported for use in SQL Analytics/Superset.