Deleting Object Groups

Delete object groups to clear out any unused groups or experimental groups that are no longer used for analysis.

As you refine your data files and analytics, your site might have object groups that are no longer useful or applicable for the system, or test object groups that have been replaced by more refined production object groups. You can delete unused object groups for good system maintenance practices and to reduce possible distractions for the data analysts who build views.

Deleting an object group requires you to delete the index(es) associated with the group before the group can be deleted. This topic describes how to delete an object group and the underlying indexes associated with the group.



Use caution before deleting indexes and object groups; make sure that the objects groups and indexed data that are no longer used for analytics or business needs.

Deleting Indexed Data

After you identify an object group that you want to delete, first check for and delete any indexed data for the group.

To delete indexed data for an unused object group:

  1. In the Storage area, select the object group that you want to delete.
  2. Click Indexes to review the list of indexes for the group. The sample screen shows a group with many indexes. Other test groups or static groups might have zero, one or more indexes.
  1. Select the indexes either by clicking the box for each index or by using the Index select/de-select checkbox to select them all.
  2. Click Delete Index. The system displays a prompt to confirm that you want to delete the index(es).
  1. In the confirmation window, click OK to remove the index(es). It can take a few minutes to delete very large indexes.

Note that in the top right corner, the Delete Object Group option remains inactive until all the indexes are deleted for an object group.


Removing indexes completely

In some cases, views might be stitched together in other views in the Refinery. You will need to take the same steps from above and apply them to that single index.

Deleting Object Groups

After all the indexes files have been deleted for an object group, you can delete the object group.

  1. In the Storage area, select the object group that you want to delete.
  2. Do either of the following steps:
    • Click the vertical ellipses icon, then select Delete.
    • Click Delete Object Group in the top right corner.
  1. In the confirmation window, click OK to remove the object group.



If an error message window opens and the object group could not be deleted, use the steps in Deleting Indexed Data to verify that the indexes for the object group have been deleted.

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