Service Limits

Review these configurable settings that can help to manage configuration sizes and resource usage

ChaosSearch offers flexibility for designing cost-effective environments to index your expected cloud storage content and to support the search and analysis activities for your business analytics users. The tunable configuration service limits can help system administrators to keep usage within the expected configuration plan by stopping the creation of new objects after the service limit has been met.

As usage grows, these settings can help to identify when updates might be needed to increase supporting resources, or perhaps some review and maintenance could help to prune objects that were created but are no longer used or needed. If users are reporting service limit errors when trying to create new objects or API failures due to service limits, contact your ChaosSearch Customer Success representative to evaluate the configured limits for your site and next steps.

Object or action

Default Limit


Kibana saved objects


The maximum number of Kibana objects such as saved queries, visualizations, and dashboards that can be defined for the system.

Object groups


The maximum number of object groups that can be created for the system. 50 is a common starting point for new setups, and is adjusted to match the site planning and analysis needs.

Object group columns


The maximum number of columns that can be created in the indexed data for an object group. For an object group that uses partition keys, each partition can have up to 10,000 columns. Different limits could be specified on a group name prefix basis. See the note below the table.

RBAC Groups


The maximum number of user groups that can be created for the system.



The maximum number of subaccount users that can be created for the system.



The maximum number of Refinery views that can be created for the system.

API calls

1000 per second

The maximum number of API calls that can be running at one time on the system. Different limits can be specified on an HTTP path prefix match basis.

API keys per system


The maximum number of API keys that can be defined for the system.

API keys per subaccount


The maximum number of API keys that can be defined for one subaccount.


About the Object Group Columns Limit

The object group columns limit is usually observed when indexing JSON files. The nesting complexity of the file and the object group selections for horizontal or vertical expansion and the array depth (such as unlimited) could be the reason for reaching this limit during object group indexing. If your object group returns this error during indexing, review the format of the source object file being indexed, and the expansion and depth options selected for the object group. Some changes such a lower depth value (such as none or 1), or a blacklist to exclude unnecessary columns from indexing, can help to avoid this error.

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