Object Group Properties Area

When you display an object group, you can view properties and access features to manage the object group

When you select an object group in the Groups page, the Properties pane opens.


In the Properties area, you can review information about the group, its settings, fields, and index status. You can also change a few aspects of a group, such as the Retention Policy for the group and the target number of workers. You can start, stop, or restart indexing for the object group.


No Groups Tab?

If your UI does not have the Groups tab configuration, then you select an object group on the Storage tab to open the group information. The first tabbed area is the Objects tab that you coudl use to navigate into the cloud-storage files, and the Properties tab that displays both the object group definition and the Indexed Structure of the fields for the group. Events, Intervals, and Isolation are the same.

From this page you can drill down to more information about the source bucket for the cloud-storage files that are indexed by the group, or the fields created in the indexed data for the group.