Add a Physical Dataset

A physical dataset makes a Refinery view available in the Superset dataset lists for chart or dashboard editing.

To add a physical dataset for a Refinery view:

  1. On the SQL Analytics tab, select Data > Datasets. The Datasets page opens with a list of datasets already added to the configuration.
  1. Click + Dataset to add a new dataset. The Add dataset window appears.

  1. In the Database field, select ChaosSearch.

  2. In the Schema field, select chaos.

  3. In the See Table Schema list, click and select one of the available Refinery views on the system. It can take a few seconds for the system to add the dataset and redisplay the Datasets page.

  1. An updated Datasets page with the new dataset appears as follows:

The dataset can now be referenced as the source for charts that you create.