Okta is an identity management tool. It helps IT organizations scale and secure their user base easily, across different platforms. ChaosSearch supports Single Sign-On with Okta, which means your organization can easily incorporate ChaosSearch into your application base in Okta and let your users securely access ChaosSearch.

Okta Auth Set-up

  • You will create the app in your Okta account
  • Create SAML Integration

ChaosSearch will provide the SSO URL:

The Okta Admin of the account will need to add the following Attribute Statement:

  • Name: email
  • Name format (optional): Unspecified
  • Value: ${user.email}


You will then need to provide back the Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL and download a copy of the X.509 certificate

The Admin of ChaosSearch will need to create sub-accounts in ChaosSearch and ensure that the username is the email address that matches the Okta email address for each account.

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Okta SSO

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