ChaosSearch API Overview

ChaosSearch APIs give you interconnectivity to process your requests and access data.

API Overview

The ChaosSearch API is the administrative interface for the ChaosSearch service. You can use these APIs to manage object groups, views, and user access, and to control indexing.

It offers ChaosSearch and AWS-style interfaces, and is built to provide interoperability with the S3 service. Most of the API calls and parameters will look familiar to those who have created and managed S3 buckets.

ChaosSearch Open API

When using API calls in scripted programs, be sure to plan for the default 60-second query timeout behavior and for other possible redirects that could be returned as part of in-progress heartbeat of the various API calls.

For queries, the system returns HTTP 307 redirects to keep a heartbeat going for a limited number of times before the query times out. The client the API must redirect as instructed by the service response. The program must make a new request to the endpoint with the parameters in the response.