Stop a running bulk query export.

You use the /bulkexport/cancel endpoint to stop an in-progress bulk export.


You must specify the export UID from the submit request to cancel that request.

POST /bulkexport/cancel  
  "id": "{TRACKING UID}"  


The status response contains information when there is a successful cancellation.

{"status":"Successfully cancelled"

RBAC Controls

To submit a bulk export cancel request, you must be granted permission via a permission block with the chaos:query:export:cancel action. Additionally, an optional condition constraint may be included to restrict cancel operations to only the jobs submitted by a specific user (for instance, the current user).

  "Actions": [  
  "Condition": {  
    "Conditions": [  
        "Equals": {  
          "chaos:owner/crn": "${chaos:principal/crn}"  
  "Effect": "Allow",  
  "Resources": [  
  "Version": "1.0"