Quick Start Guide

New to ChaosSearch? Review this introduction for an overview of the steps to get started and links to more information.

ChaosSearch is a purpose-built analytics service that enables administrators to quickly connect their AWS or GCP cloud-storage environments as a source and location for the ChaosSearch indexing. The setup process is designed for simplicity, with options to easily optimize the services and adapt to your data and analytics needs.

With ChaosSearch, business analytics users can easily search, query, and monitor their data for operational and business insights and troubleshooting, without the overhead of many specialized data pipelines, and without changing the content of their data files.

There are a few basic steps for getting started with ChaosSearch:

  1. Enable access to the data stored in your AWS S3 or Google Cloud Storage buckets.
  2. Define ChaosSearch virtual object groups to organize and index similar data sources.
  3. Define Chaos Refinery® index views for one or more object groups to publish access, schema, and virtual transformations that help users to explore and query their data.
  4. Use Kibana visualizations or analytics APIs to query the indexed data, create dashboards for displays of critical information, and define alerts for notifications of key conditions.

Review the following sections for an overview of the ChaosSearch workflow, and to start to learn some of the key concepts for the ChaosSearch advantages. More detailed information is available in later topics of the knowledge center.

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