Quick Start Guide

Review this introduction for an overview of the steps to get started and links to more information.

The ChaosSearch setup process is designed for simplicity. Whether deployed as a ChaosSearch-managed or customer-managed service, trial or production, in just a few steps you can be indexing and then using the business data from your cloud storage data lake.


New to ChaosSearch?

As a born-in-the-cloud service, ChaosSearch resources can be quickly deployed to work with your cloud storage. If you're looking at ChaosSearch for the first time, you can try a small environment with some sample data using our Free Trial, or contact us for a more in-depth proof-of-value experience.

After you have a deployed ChaosSearch environment (that is, ChaosSearch is installed and running on designated compute resources) and you have the domain and login account information, follow these steps to get started:

Step 1. Enable access to cloud storage to grant read access to your cloud-storage objects.
Step 2. Define object groups to organize and index your cloud storage objects.
Step 3. Define Refinery® views to create the lenses to explore and query your indexed data.
Step 4. Search, visualize, and monitor your indexed data using the provided Search Analytics (OpenSearch Dashboards) and/or SQL Analytics (Apache Superset) embedded portals or by using Elasticsearch/SQL APIs.

What’s Next

To begin, make sure that ChaosSearch can access the cloud storage buckets that hold the raw business data.