Chaos AI Assistant Conversation Best Practices

Good practices for conversing with Chaos AI Assistant and asking questions

Review Chaos AI Assistant Query Rules and Best Practices and the following sections for some good practices when using deep learning AI LLMs and Chaos AI Assistant.

Language Support

Currently Chaos AI Assistant supports conversations in English. Over time, more languages are expected to be part of the LLM API services.

Use Simple and Clear Language

Chaos AI Assistant has a deep and steadily-growing body of language and information built from the wide array of public information available across the internet. However, it is an LLM that responds best to simple and clear language.

If there's some ambiguity in your questions, the LLM will try to be helpful and guess what you mean. This might result in some incorrect guesses and unexpected answers.

Try to avoid ambiguous terms or open-ended questions that could be interpreted differently across many subjects. Similarly, try to avoid very general inquiries that might not yield meaningful results for your data analysis interests. The clearer and more specific your questions are, the more Chaos AI Assistant can zero in on the answers to your questions.

Also, LLMs are artificial, but they are often built with interaction algorithms that respond better to polite and friendly conversation. If you ask questions using normal, business-professional language and avoid impolite or profane language, the engine often responds with better results.

Ask, Examine, Confirm

There's a well known saying: Trust, but verify. When it comes to LLMs, this continues to be a good practice.

Chaos AI Assistant can turn your questions into queries that you can learn from and run inside the conversation or within the ChaosSearch Search/SQL Analytics tools yourself. Those sample queries might make some assumptions about the columns to show, sorting options, and time ranges to examine. You can copy and paste the queries to change those settings and fine-tune for the information or time ranges that you want to examine.

As a good practice, when you ask Chaos AI Assistant questions about your data, run the searches or queries and review the results. By copying and running those queries and searches yourself, you can adjust settings , change column output options, and adjust filters to fine tune the results and zero-in on the details that you're looking for. You can save your favorite queries for repeat use or in visualizations for business dashboards.

Stay on Topic

As a general practice, ask Chaos AI Assistant questions that stay within the theme of data analysis. Avoid asking unrelated, non-analytics, questions such as asking for a weather forecast or similar off-topic questions. The Assistant will typically apologize and refer you to other, more applicable resources for other types of inquiries.

What’s Next

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