The Settings/Help page is the management console for the ChaosSearch account owner.

Within the Settings area, ChaosSearch administrators can access and change information for the account.

Administrator Account

The Administrator Account section allows you to:

  • Change your password
  • Invalidate the login and log out of the console

AWS Credentials

The AWS Credentials section provides the information for your External ID and allows you to specify details for the following:

  • The region for your AWS resources, with a button to open the CloudFormation Access Provisioning process
  • The information for your AWS Role ARN to successfully authenticate ChaosSearch with your AWS S3 resources, and buttons that allow you to update or suspend the ARN.

GCP Credentials

The GCP Credentials section allows you to input the GCP Service account to successfully authenticate.


User Settings

The User Settings section allows you to enable or disable the Tips feature that displays help and recommendations for the ChaosSearch console and tasks.

You can also use the page to review and obtain the dashboard ID for the ChaosSearch console.


API Keys

The API Keys section displays zero, one, or more ChaosSearch API Keys, which are used for authentication when making API calls to the ChaosSearch platform. Users can create API keys with paired secret keys as needed for their applications, and manage them from this page. Note that the secret key is not displayed on the page or retrievable from the user interface. The secret is only displayed once, when a user creates a key. Keys cannot be rotated in the UI; users must delete the old key and create a new key to perform a key rotation. For more information about the API Keys page, see Managing ChaosSearch API Keys.

Help Desk

The Help Desk section displays information about the version of the ChaosSearch console and has a link to the Knowledge center.