ChaosSearch Analytics includes a Kibana interface to enable visualizations of the indexed data.

Kibana is an open source analytics and visualization platform. The ChaosSearch Analytics area provides a Kibana interface to enable users to visualize and query their data.

Working with Kibana

When you click Analytics in the ChaosSearch console, you access the Kibana interface.

On the Kibana home page, there are menu options on he left that enable you to perform different types of visualizations and analytics.


Discover gives you the ability to interact with your data whenever it is needed. Every index that matches the selected index view will allow you to submit search queries, filter the search results, and view document data. If a timestamp is provided for the selected index view, the results will be displayed in a histogram at the top of the page.


Visualize allows you to build out different visualizations from the ChaosSearch indexes that have been created. The visualizations section has many different options. Be sure to review and try some of your pre-built visualizations as you get started.


Dashboard opens a collection of visualizations created from your ChaosSearch indexes. Kibana dashboards offer near real-time insight into the types of events being logged into your cloud-storage buckets.


The Management section is where you can perform your runtime configuration of Kibana, including both the initial setup and ongoing configuration of your ChaosSearch index views.

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Viewing and analyzing your data
Creating visualizations
Building a dashboard
Kibana UI Support
Kibana Dashboard & Visualization Migration

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