Users in ChaosSearch typically perform queries on the indexes using Kibana.

Each ChaosSearch account is provisioned with enough capacity to index and search the data indexing volume you have selected. Within that amount of compute, users will have the ability to query and do analytics.

Users created with different profiles by the Admin user are allocated a percentage of the overall capacity for these operations when performing queries. If excess capacity is available at execution time with no other concurrent queries active, ChaosSearch allows users to burst above these percentages.

  • Small - 25%
  • Medium - 50%
  • Large - 75%

Types of Users

ChaosSearch has three types of users: account owner, administrators, and users. Administrators can add and remove users. Users are not permitted to add or remove accounts.

Account Owner:

  • Permissions include everything in the Administrators group
  • Can promote another user to be the Account Owner


  • Permissions include everything in the Users group
  • Can add users
  • Can remove users
  • Cannot adjust the account owner's permission
  • Can change a user's group membership from Admin to user and vice versa


  • Can log in and use the service (actions: discover, group, index, and query)
  • Definition of Capacity, Priority, Minimum, Maximum, aspects of workload
  • Users must input the Account ID when logging into the platform

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