ChaosSearch Features

List of current features and description

ChaosSearch users have a number of unique features available to them, below is a list of some of these features.

AWS S3 and Google Cloud Storage Data Discovery & Cataloging

Catalog your Cloud object storage buckets to create a map of the data across all data sources.
See all files broken down by:

  • Object Type
  • Size
  • History
  • Public or Private

Identify duplicates and easily export results as a CSV report.

Bucket Discovery

Quickly discover the file distribution:

  • file types
  • size
  • history

of the objects in your Cloud object storage buckets.

Object Grouping

Automatically apply a logical filter to match patterns associated with the data files. Then, easily find and link all files with shared attributes (e.g. name, size, type, meta-tags).

Query & Search Management

Within the platform, users will have access to two added features, a Progress Bar, and a Cancel Query button. This added functionality allows our users to have visibility into the duration of an executed query, while having the ability to cancel.


ChaosSearch provides the ability to Burst outside of the allocated compute when running any search and queries.

Data Role Access

Easily provide access to certain groups by role and create policies via ChaosSearch to better govern valuable data stored in S3.

Data Lifecycle Policy

Automatically take action on your groups based on your data discovery.

Data Modeling

With deeper analysis, understand what is in your data, how it is structured, and what is trending across grouped data sources.

Data Refining

Through an intuitive drag and drop studio or REST-based interface, users can transform, aggregate, and correlate data into result sets called ChaosSearch Virtual Buckets.

Virtual Buckets

Virtually transform, aggregate, and correlate a data source into a virtual structured, tabular format that can be easily queried. Manage your static or live data pipeline that automatically changes as your data set is updated.

Querying & Visualization

Using ChaosSearch Virtual Buckets, quickly query auto scaling data sets using intuitive user interface or REST API.

Programmable REST API

Through a fully compliant S3 API, ChaosSearch turns Cloud object storage into an application framework in the cloud. Extend the functionality of an application to include storage, data processing/data refinery, and querying capabilities all in one place.

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