RBAC - GET Groups & User Group Assignment

Use the ChaosSearch API to fetch group attributes and users assigned to groups.

This is a bulk group data API that supports all CRUD operations on permission groups. The calls pertain to the groups themselves, not for changes like user membership. GET operations return all of the group data of this user context.

Fetch Groups

Every account contains a default group with access to all resources.

To fetch all groups of this user context:

GET Groups context

Endpoint: /user/groups/
Method: *GET8
Responses: 200

                "id": "default",
                "name": "default",
                "permissions": [{
                    "Version": "1.0",
                    "Effect": "Allow",
                    "Actions": ["*"],
                    "Resources": [“ * ”]
                "id": "group-id",
                "name": "Foo"
                "permissions": [{
                    "Effect": "Allow",
                    "Action": "kibana:*",
                    "Resources": "crn:view:::foo-view"

Fetch User Manifest

Endpoint: /user/manifest/
Method: GET
Response: 200 OK

    "GroupIds": [

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