Optimize Data Size and Time to Insights

Chaos Index® reduces the index footprint and opens access to valuable insights

The patented Chaos Index® creates a compressed representation of your cloud object data—providing 10-20x compression—compared to the raw data and other indexing solutions. As a result, with ChaosSearch you can cost-effectively keep more historical data for longer look-backs and analysis compared with less-compact-index solutions.

The indexed data is fully searchable and highly performant, able to deliver answers more quickly to analytics queries and summary visualizations. ChaosSearch includes embedded analytics applications—OpenSearch Dashboards (formerly Kibana) and Apache Superset—that help users to quickly search across and visualize their data. OpenSearch Dashboards has alerting support to trigger notifications when defined conditions are observed in the indexed data. Those alerts can be managed within ChaosSearch and also forwarded to some common alert management systems via supported aggregations.

The indexed data and Refinery views are flexible and support use with either onboard analytics application, and can support integrations with other observability and analysis tools. If users have their own preferred pane-of-glass monitoring or observability tools, such as those with Elasticsearch support, it is possible to integrate with those applications. Users can perform tasks like add data from ChaosSearch to their pane of glass, and/or drill down to ChaosSearch for more investigation with the capabilities of ChaosSearch like wildcard searching, filtering, and those features. ChaosSearch helps users quickly get to the business value within their log and event files.

In addition, ChaosSearch offers user authentication and authorization, and also supports SSO integrations to consolidate access management with the AAA solutions that customers use.