No Groups Tab?

Read for more information if the Groups tab is not visible in your ChaosSearch UI.

The new Groups tab functionality is a configuration option for the ChaosSearch console. If your ChaosSearch console does not have the Groups tab enabled, the console will appear similar to this:


In this configuration, the object group management controls remain on the Storage tab. The Refinery tab is renamed to Views to clarify the location for creating and managing the views to query your Chaos Index® data. The Chaos Refinery® is still the proprietary engine that drives and supports the views.

The user interface also includes the naming changes in the pages and windows that are described in New Features and Updates in the ChaosSearch UI.

So, for example, the term interval has replaced the term index in the context of the daily files created by the Chaos Index services for the cloud-storage files referenced by an object group. Similarly, the term isolation has replaced the term partition for the feature that allows object group creators to separate an object group's indexed data into different portions for either data visibility requirements and/or performance reasons.

There are also some naming consistency changes inside the supporting user interfaces for creating and managing object groups and views. Be sure to review New Features and Updates in the ChaosSearch UI for an overview of changes.